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Illykai / Skrawl

12 January 1981
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Born in 1981, Illykai's (AKA Owen's) parents shipped him off to the Glasgow coal mines at the age of 6. There he contracted black lung and had his left hand crushed horribly in an unfortunate drilling accident. Unable to swing a pick, and struggling to breathe after even the mildest of exercise, he spent the next two years begging on the streets before finally being hospitalised due to a bout of pneumonia brought about by living in the seedy gutters of the big city.

While in hospital he taught himself the art of origami boulder making from several ancient texts lent to him by a kindly japanese doctor. His raw talent in the field of origami boulder creation soon caught the attention of the ancient masters of the Kyokoshinwa origami school, who sent rampaging hordes of ninja to abduct him and convey him to their ancient monastry situated on the precipitous peak of Mount Fuji.

For the next 10 years Illykai perfected his art, learning the venerable techinques of origami boulder creation from the monks of the Kyokoshinwa order and even laying the foundations for his own school: The Way of the Crumpled Exam Paper. Furthermore he expanded his expertise to paper aeroplane folding and in 1997 made the worlds largest manned paper aeroplane bomber, armed with a full complement of deadly Crumpled Exam Paper school origami boulders.

The creation of such a powerful weapon drew the ire of the US government, who sent a crack squad of CIA operatives to abduct him and close down the Kyokoshinwa monastry. Illykai managed to evade the CIA, by flying to Australia in his paper aeroplane bomber prototype, where he was granted asylum in exchange for his aid in furthering the Australian governments own paper warfare program.

For the next 6 years Illykai alternately studied History and Computer Science at Sydney University while working in a top secret military origami center beneath the Simpson Desert during weekends and holidays.

Since then, due to top secret government work, Illykai has had to keep his head down. This journal is now friends only. Leave a comment here if you would like access.